How we operate to be as environmentally vigilant as possible.

Sourcing and buying sustainable woods means we get a better quality of raw material due to its origin from well managed woodland. Because of this, our finished pieces are not only built from the best prime grade 1 woods, every stage of their process is managed by skilled hands that care.

Having two young daughters and loving time in the outdoors, I am conscious that the pieces that leave us are as kind on the planet as they can be.  Our wood is good, and we take pride in the fact the we are a member of an FSC® certified Group CU-COC-807273-DY (FSC-C004309). This ensures all our wood is traceable back through the chain of custody.

We use the best wood so the finishes we apply to it need to be of equal quality. We have invested our time selecting a system that is highly effective in acting as protection to the wood and is also as kind to the environment as possible. Our finishing system gives us great water, heat and stain resistance, while being 100% VOC free.  To find out more about VOCs, click here

This system enabled us to create our own unique colour pallet, protect the wooden elements and deliver you a product into your home that gives off no harmful and nasty VOC’S, how great is that?

This got us thinking about how we coat our metal. If we have VOC-free on our wood why not shoot for the stars and make our metal elements the same, so we did just that.

Powder coating on the metalwork was the natural choice as it does not rely on harsh solvents.  This means the finish has a very low VOC footprint. I would like to say 0% here, but we do not yet have the test data to back this up like we do for the wood. For us the most important thing is that we have considered our options with the planet in mind and now have a system that looks beautiful, is resistant to everyday life and kind to the environment.

Waste disposal is something we as a business have always gone the extra mile with. We spend considerable extra money on a 0% to landfill policy which means everything is recycled. Our sawdust is sent off to be used in the BIO mass industry to produce clean green power.  The workshop is heated with larger waste and offcuts.

In the future, I have ambitions of owning a woodland; somewhere we can go as a family to explore and enjoy, with a view to managing it in a sustainable way. This could produce us feature planks we could then use on bespoke projects. For many years now I have been growing various UK species and have quite a collection. One day it would be nice to plant them and watch them grow.

For me it is vital to be conscious of the world around us and ensure what we take doesn’t contribute further to the damage to our planet.