About Us

As a contemporary British furniture brand, we are on a mission to deliver bold, architectural furniture designs.  Our aim is simple: to deliver high-quality, precision-designed furniture in an affordable and fuss-free way.
Fordius is a brand new division of Oak&Ford, founded in 2014 to design and produce high-end wood products for several industries.  With a heritage in joinery, and a deep understanding of the capabilities and properties of wood and other complimentary materials, it has always been important to deliver distinctive quality that lasts. This had to go hand in hand with a stringent sustainability policy – both fundamental pillars of the business.
We have always created furniture and lighting; be it commissioned one-offs, curated collections on other websites or white labelled work for other brands.  It is where our passion lies so we have maintained our enthusiasm and capability in this area.
Frustrated by the quality, limitations and lack of innovation available on the market, we felt it was time to come out from behind the curtain.  Having brought all the key skills, technology and machinery in house and with a back catalogue of designs and ideas to present to you, we bring you Fordius – our own, handmade furniture range.
However, our own furniture range can only be completed by your finishing touches.  We give you the design and you tailor it to your setting.  You choose from our exclusive range of VOC-free oil colour finishes.  You decide whether planked or slab style suits you and if you want to have a flat or smooth weathered surface. You select from a range of metal finishes.  We bring your vision to life and then deliver the new member of your household. 
Rich Ford is the founder of our business and leads a tight, skilled team who are as passionate about wood and furniture as we are about your experience as a customer.  We want you to love what you purchase and enjoy the experience with us.
This is how we will work with you – shall we begin?

Fordius team shot 1