Care & Maintenance

We have done all the hard work in researching finishes, materials and production techniques, which means your finished piece will need very little maintenance from you.

For tables and benches

The oil finish offers protection for the wood.  To keep your wood looking its best, we supply RMC Refresh Eco spray with every purchase.  This is a ready to use sprayable product that refreshes and restores all wooden surfaces that have been treated with oil. 


1 – Wipe over your table with a lightly damp cloth and let it dry fully

2 – Lightly spray the surface with RMC Refresh Eco, wipe over in the direction of the grain with a lint free cloth*

3 – Leave to dry fully – possibly an hour or more

4 – Optional buff if you would like to create a high lustre finish

*It is important to be lint-free, especially if you have weathered finish as normal clothes are likely to leave fluff stuck in the grain

Stains or damage 

If you have any damage to your piece, please contact us to advise you on the best method of removal or specialist treatment or service required


The steel elements of your table should need nothing more than dusting and wiping down if dirty.

Care and maintenance of lights

The lighting should need little care and maintenance because it has a natural wood finish.  Just a light dusting and the occasional bulb change should be enough

Contact us

If you have any questions about looking after your Fordius piece, please just get in touch.  Many specific stains can easily be dealt with using the correct remedy. We can look at repairs if necessary.  We want to make sure your furniture lasts for you.