We use premium materials to give you the best furniture we can make.  Here are some of the technical details and processes:

Wood.  The wood we use is Prime Grade 1 oak from sustainable sources.  Lower grade wood has more defects or knots that tend to be the weak points of the timber.  Our wood has strength, durability and an enduring quality.  We ensure our oak comes from sustainable sources and the management and quality of the growth and harvesting all add to the end quality of the product.


Finish. Rubio Monocoat is the reference when it comes to high quality and environmentally friendly wood protection.  Due to its advanced molecular bonding technology, Rubio Monocoat Oil has the following qualities:


  • Durable colour and protection of wood against head and liquid
  • Economical – protects in a single layer
  • The first and only oil that does not contain VOCs or water
  • Easy to maintain
  • Wide selection of colours

Steel. Our pieces are all fabricated from BDMS (Bright Drawn Mild Steel) and TIG (Tungsten-electrode inert gas) welded together. The BDMS steel is a better-quality raw material than most steel stock.  TIG welding is used due to its superior penetration of the steel surfaces and the flow pattern left in the weld is stunning.  The process is very clean, and the upmost precision is used in the welding process to ensure a clean, strong, splatter-free join, unlike much ‘industrial’ furniture styling.

The material and weld choice compliment the quality of wood and skill of the joiners.

Finish. All metal elements of our designs have been powder coated in a clear coat or colour.  We clear coat the raw steel so it has the same level of protection from the environment as our colour options. Powder coating was selected for its long-lasting, hard-wearing properties.  The finish is baked onto the surface rather than sprayed. It is salt water tested and VOC free, which means all our finished furniture is VOC free. 

Lighting.  The nature of the construction of our Latvian Birch Ply has a cross lamination to create great strength in a thin material.  This allows us to create the shapes and designs with intricate detail, while maintaining the lightweight properties that make it ideal for hanging from a ceiling.  The unfinished wood delivers a natural, simple finish that allows the design and construction to be elaborate without necessarily dominating a setting.

Floor lamps.  Will come with complete unit to be able to plug in straight away.  This will be PAT tested. Each unit comes with 1.5m of black/white flex as standard, which compliments the finish.

Quality checks.  All our furniture and lighting receive multiple quality checks, throughout production and at final stages.  If we are delivering it, our final check will be with you.  It is essential to us that your furniture arrives exactly how you would want it to.