What we do at the workshop

There is a lot of confusion about what makes a wood product environmentally friendly as some people promote that using reclaimed timber has the least environmental impact and people seem to think the more ‘rustic’ a piece of wood is, the more environmentally friendly it is, which isn’t necessarily the case at all. 

We believe that our impact on the environment must be considered in every aspect of our business and wood is a core part of this.  We ensure the wood we are using is from proven sustainable sources – that the timber has been grown and managed with sustainability in mind throughout the process.  We source from suppliers that use every opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of business practices. 

We are members of an FSC® certified group CU-COC-807273-DY (FSC-C004309) to prove our sustainability credentials.  Wood is one of the hardest materials to recycle, so much goes to waste. It is vital for us that we ensure we consider the environmental impact on everything we do as a business and everything we deliver to you, the customer.

As an environmentally friendly business we choose to pay considerably more for our waste collection, ensuring none of our by-product ends up in landfill. The small changes we make daily add up in the long run; for example, everything we use is turned off at the plug when finished with.

To follow this ethos sometimes is not always the cheapest option, however these are costs we are happy to incur as it gives us a peace of mind that we are doing things right.  Going forward it will be the only way to operate as natural resources become scarcer, material costs will rise. One way to combat this is to use materials that are sustainably produced/harvested.

We have young families who all love spending time with nature.  We want our business to contribute to the woodland and parks for our children’s futures.

What we deliver to you

Firstly, we want to create furniture and lighting that takes us away from trends and throw-away culture.  Our pieces are designed to stand the test of time and evolve with you.  We hope you find Fordius pieces that become part of your story and pass down your family.

VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds. Paints, glues and other material finishes have been found to give off VOCs, which can be harmful to health – particularly in high-density in an indoor environment. 

We also think it is important that the materials we use create the least environmental impact in your home.  We sought VOC-free finishes for our furniture, to promote healthy indoor air quality in your home.  As soon as we find the research that backs up a product that will be better for our customers, we investigate whether we can use it.

We want to ensure our furniture creates a positive impact on you and your home – visually and environmentally.