Floor Light 1 - Stem - Fordius
Floor Light 1 - Stem - Fordius
Floor Light 1 - Stem - Fordius
Floor Light 1 - Stem - Fordius

Floor Light 1 - Stem

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Floor light 1 - Stem: The original floor light in or range, Rich designed it for his own living room.  It creates a stunning shadow pattern while brightening up the corners of your room.  The Stem design is brightest at the base and gradually softens as it reaches the top.  With a top cog holding the fins in place this design is surprisingly sturdy, which allows us to achieve greater height.

We recommend using long, thin Edison bulbs for this style to send the light up to the top of the shade and out across the room.

Design details and features: Stem floor light has 30 fins. A laser cut light shade, produced from 3 mm Latvian Birch Plywood.

Please ensure bulbs do not exceed 40W.

Dimensions: Height: 80 cms, base diameter: 20 cms, top diameter: 20 cms, widest diameter: 20 cms

Delivery: This item will be delivered to you with 1.5 metres of black and white flex and a standard 13 amp plug. These have been PAT tested prior to despatch. The light will be pre-assembled to allow you to light up out of the box.

The lamps themselves are very lightweight so we need to add some ballast to give them stability in the upright position.  The base of each shade has 3 steel spacers, which not only add another element to the design they offer the sturdiness required to balance your light correctly.

The Birch ply we work with is all from sustainable sources as we feel the correct management of wood harvesting is vital
Select how you would like your wood to feel.  Planked indents the individual planks across the surface.  Slab is sanded as one continuous piece. Smooth is flat sanded and weathered is a process that lifts the grain and and is then finished to give a natural texture.

Plank (Smooth)


Plank (Weathered)

Slab (Smooth)

Slab (Weathered)

All of our furniture is made to order, we will keep you updated on your delivery schedule. Expected delivery times:

Lighting - 7 days

Furniture - 4-8 weeks

If you are ordering larger furniture items, we will need to contact you to discuss your delivery and give you a quote.  Once you have agreed this, we will add it to your order and you will receive a link to approve your order and the final price. 

We need to do this to check location and delivery requirement (where in the house, accessibility, number of items being delivered, space available etc).

When we are ready to deliver, we will contact you again to arrange a suitable day and time for your delivery and double check all the details are still current.  You will then receive your new Fordius piece when scheduled and we will install larger tables and benches in their final destination.