Scissor Table - Fordius
Scissor Table - Fordius
Scissor Table - Fordius
Scissor Table - Fordius
Scissor Table - Fordius
Scissor Table - Fordius
Scissor Table - Fordius

Scissor Table

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Scissor Table:  our ambition for this range is to have diverse tables in a single style that you can take from boxed to fully constructed in moments.  Crucially, high-end styling and finish are fundamental to the design.  Our Scissor design is all about lines.  Vented legs decrease the footprint of the base which holds a robust top.

Look out for:  the eye-catching shadow patterns and stunning shapes created by the vented cross-legs.

Rich says:  The technical challenge of creating a no fixing design has been something we have discussed for many years and it is fantastic to bring it to life in this unique range.

Design details and features:

  • Table top is 4 cms thick*
  • Heights vary – please see additional guide below
  • The leading edges of the table top (top and bottom) have a small bevelled edge
  • The feet of this design are not padded as the design finds its resting place on the narrow edge of the cross. Please follow the instructions for constructing and placing your table
  • Table tops are sanded for the ideal level of absorption of Rubio Monocoat 0% VOC oil
  • Minimal is required to maintain the appearance of your Fordius furniture and ensure its longevity.  Please refer to our care and maintenance page

*Allow 0.25 cms tolerance for all sizing

Please note that due to the natural characteristics of wood, there will be variations in the finish, the colour interaction and the grain.

Select how you would like your wood to feel.  Planked indents the individual planks across the surface.  Slab is sanded as one continuous piece. Smooth is flat sanded and weathered is a process that lifts the grain and and is then finished to give a natural texture.

Plank (Smooth)


Plank (Weathered)

Slab (Smooth)

Slab (Weathered)

All of our furniture is made to order, we will keep you updated on your delivery schedule. Expected delivery times:

Lighting - 7 days

Furniture - 4-8 weeks

If you are ordering larger furniture items, we will need to contact you to discuss your delivery and give you a quote.  Once you have agreed this, we will add it to your order and you will receive a link to approve your order and the final price. 

We need to do this to check location and delivery requirement (where in the house, accessibility, number of items being delivered, space available etc).

When we are ready to deliver, we will contact you again to arrange a suitable day and time for your delivery and double check all the details are still current.  You will then receive your new Fordius piece when scheduled and we will install larger tables and benches in their final destination.